Gioco del Ponte

General information

Pisa, Italy4 hoursCity Pass and Travel Card

Program details

24 June 2023
The Gioco del Ponte is a historical and commemoration events taking place on the last Saturday of June and that articulates the two key moments: the parade of historical parade along the Arno River and the Battle on the Ponte di Mezzo.

It starts with the parade and continues with the Gioco del Ponte that provides a fight between the two historical teams of the city: Tramontana and Mezzogiorno.

The team Tramontana is the neighborhoods of Santa Maria, San Francisco, San Michele, Mattaccini, Calci, Sartiri. To the South instead of the districts: St. Anthony, St. Martin, St. Mark's, Lions, Dragons and Dolphins.
Victory goes to the team that, pushing the cart of opponents at the opposite end of the sliding rail, conquers the bridge.

The cost of the ticket is 10 euro + 2 euro presale, while children under 14 can pick up their free coupon.