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Gioco del Ponte parade

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Pisa, Italy4 hoursCity Pass and Travel Card

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June 29, 2024

The Game of the Bridge is a historical reenactment event that takes place on the last Saturday of June and consists in two basic moments: the historical parade along the Lungarni and the battle on the Ponte di Mezzo.

It begins with the historical parade and then continues with the Game of the Bridge, which involves a battle between the city's two historical teams: Tramontana and Mezzogiorno.

The Tramontana team represents the neighborhoods of: Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Michele, Mattaccini, Calci and Sartiri. That of Mezzogiorno, on the other hand, the neighborhoods of: St. Anthony, St. Martin, St. Mark, Lions, Dragoons and Dolphins.
The victory goes to the team that, by pushing the opponents' cart to the opposite end of the running rail, remains master of the bridge.

At 6 p.m., the historical procession is scheduled to start from Guerrazzi Square (Mezzogiorno) and Largo Parlascio (Tramontana) with the arrival on the Middle Bridge.

This will be followed by the declaration of intent by the ambassadors of the two Parties and the blessing of the ranks and insignia. The figures will then return to their respective quartering grounds. As per tradition, the municipal palaces, Gambacorti and Pretorio, and the Ponte di Mezzo will be adorned with renewed scenic decorations.

At 7 p.m. the Battle on the Bridge contested between the two teams will begin, the objective of which is to advance until the enemy faction's flag falls.

The cost of the ticket includes €2.00 presale, while the under-12s will be able to participate for free. They will still need to be indicated at the time of booking.

When making reservations, please indicate in the notes the grandstand to attend the event.
We will be sure to notify the meeting place and time to convert the vouchers into event access tickets.

€ 12,00 per person

Price includes:
Entry ticket of the event with a seat in the stands

Price does not include:
Anything else not expressly described in the section "Price includes"