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Piazza dei Miracoli

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Pisa, Italy6 hoursSightseeing Tours

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Your experience from Pisa begins with a special guided tour of the famous Miracles Square

Here, centuries of history come to life through the narrative talents of our expert tour guides, it will be a fascinating journey through an architectural and artistic gem that has enchanted visitors for centuries. This extraordinary square in the heart of Pisa is a veritable treasure chest of historical and cultural treasures, a place where the past blends with the present in unique harmony.

Pisa Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, dominates the square with its timeless majesty. The imposing facade, decorated with detailed sculptures and reliefs, catches the eye and invites contemplation. The interior of the cathedral is equally stunning, with frescoes, mosaics and artwork telling biblical and spiritual stories.

The Leaning Tower is the emblem of Pisa and seems to defy the law of gravity with its unique tilt. Built as the bell tower of the Duomo, the tower is a fascinating and intriguing structure, a symbol of human ingenuity and its ability to create beauty even in imperfections.

But the real gem of the Piazza dei Miracoli is the Camposanto Monumentale, a place of extraordinary serenity and historical significance. This monumental cemetery dates back to the thirteenth century and was built around a chapel, surrounded by a series of arcades decorated with precious frescoes. These works of art testify to the mastery of the artists of the time and tell stories of life and death, faith and redemption. Entering the Camposanto is like immersing yourself in an atmosphere of deep reflection and reverence, a place where time seems to stand still and emotions take shape.

With this experience in the Piazza dei Miracoli, you will be surrounded by the grandeur of art, architecture and history. Each monument is a piece of a fascinating puzzle that tells the story of Pisa and the whole of humanity. Prepare to be inspired, amazed and moved as you explore this magical place and immerse yourself in the essence of Italian culture and its extraordinary artistic heritage.

After feeding your mind and spirit with the culture and art of Pisa, it's time to satisfy your palate with fine dining that combines authentic flavors given by fresh, high-quality ingredients to create dishes that will delight and surprise you.

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Guided half-day tour
Dinner at typical restaurant

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